Hairstyles Applied by Famous Woman: Cute and Elegant!

Not only the hairstyles for women applied by famous women are cute and elegant, they are also having unique names. If you are currently looking for a new fresh cut for your hair, these inspirations might help you to get out of this problem. Here they are.

Swirl in Vanilla

Sounds yum! So does the cut! This cut is pretty, sweet, and elegant. The cut is dropping to under the chin, the swirl in each sides will make you look good and elegant. This much applied by Hollywood stars named Taylor Swift.

Actively Frock

What is with the name? With a little bit of shaky touch in your hair, you will get a pretty cut for your hair that is also interesting, very suitable for you who is active! The layer of curly in the edge of your hair will give an accent of sporty, yet cute. Jennifer Aniston did apply it and she looks fantastic.

Cutely Symmetrical

Jessie J has been applying this hairstyles for years and she is still stunning. Despite her very perfect bone structures, she makes this haircut looks cute, sporty, and boyish at the same time. This also gives an effect of a strong woman look, being in a spy movie.

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Long Layer Cut Hairstyles for Women

The long layer cut hairstyle for women has been favorite by many women in the world. Despite its boring cut, layer, long and straight, the haircuts below will show you that you can always do more than that. And to make that even come true, follow the steps below and head to your favorite beauty salon!

Boho Waves

Speaking of Boho, Bohemian, this haircut is considered as a dramatic one, featuring lots of waves that shake in sides with the center in the middle. The long layer cut in each sides will help your face to look thinner. With a bigger volume in around the neck, this haircut can also balance your chin.

Pretty Waves

Still talking about waves, the excellent one would be this one: The wavy amazing haircut has been applied by many Hollywood celebrity. With waves along the right and left sides, the haircut will make you look elegant. One word: excellent.

Classy and Curly

Mixing and matching won’t do any harm. If you have a long hair, then making it simply classic and curly will be a great choice. The volume makes a perfect combination, this is very suitable for you who want to appear in confidence, classic, and young. You can find so many ideas from this site Enjoy, ladies!

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Hairstyles for Women in 2015 with Round Face and Chubby Cheek

If we are talking about hairstyle for women with round face and chubby cheeks, we must be stuck to the boring old session about long layer and such. When in fact, there are lots of hairstyles for women with this face and cheeks, which are actually cute and beautiful. Are you one of them? Check this one out,

Edgy Bob

Why must we stick with this paradigm called cut it long so your face and cheeks will look less chubby things? Edgy bob is one of a kind. It is a variety of hairstyles for women with round face and chubby cheeks. The cut is made random and not too tidy, the edge is cut to make layers. Add some bang, this will give an accent of a thinner face. Perfect.

Flirty Flip

This hairstyle is known for its glamorous and fun look! Cut your bang a little bit thinner to balance your forehead, let the hair near your cheeks cut a bit thicker to reduce the effect of chubby. Absolutely fun cut! This is very suitable for every occasion too, making you easy to stylize and go!

Other cuts for women with chubby cheeks and round face are amazing. You should try them and be confident!

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Bun Hairstyles for Women

Hairstyles for women can be chosen that suitable with your personality and your character. Hairstyle is important because you can impress people when you manage your hair in good way. You will look neat with your hair or the opposite too. Girls and women will care of their hairstyle. Today most men and boys also care of their hair style because they want to impress other people with perfect appearance too. If you are looking for best hairstyle for girl, you can try to make bun hairstyle. It is attractive hairstyle because of some reasons and you will know more about this hairstyle below.

Bun is one of some hairstyles for women that you can choose and easy to make. This bun hairstyle can be made by twisting hair in one direction and then you can curl into a curve. There are some ways to make your bun looks unique. What you need to use and have is bobby pins. There are some colorful bobby pins that you can find. If you want to get ideal look, what you need to do is placing pins at 3,6, 9, and also 12 o’clock position. You can also create bun hair for each of sides. When you like to make this bun hairstyle, what you need to do is dividing hair down in the middle of your head and then you need to coil it in each of sides. Some girls also like to make bun closer to the neck.

Why girls like to make bun hairstyle? They who do so many activities will do all things in easy way because this is simple hairstyle and you don’t need to waste your time to manage it again. You can do all things in free way. It can be used for formal activity and casual activity too. Now you have already known variation of bun hairstyles for women. You can also get various hairstyles ideas from this site.

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3 Top Hairstyles for Women in 2015

Do you like to see then mix and match the hairstyles for women? Women’s hairstyles could be long or short. Whatever the model is, make sure that you are comfortable with is so you could appear in confidence and stunning. Speaking of this, the hairstyles are usually adjusted with the bone structures. Here are some to inspire you.


Korean hairstyles for women are currently in, up to 2015. This hairstyles are adored because they are simple and giving a cute accent on your face, just like a Korean pop star or singer. They let their hair flow free, with a little bit of hanging curly. This gives an accent of elegant and feminine, yet maximum and simple.

Bob Hairstyle

Women nowadays, you, can also try Bob model. Playing with bang and blow on the bottom of your hair will help you to show the sense of woman in you. This is suitable too for kids, considering the fact that they still can’t take care of it well or by themselves. Bob is one of a kind.

Long Layer Hairstyle

Women who have rounded face, if it is you, then you might want to try this. The long layer will make your face and cheek a bit thinner. However, this long layer hairstyle can also be applied for women with oval face. Try them all! Be fabulous, be confident!